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Accelerate your language learning by practicing with native speakers and language partners.


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Join a great community of people who are as keen as you to accelerate their language skills. Search by shared interests, industry and location to find the right people. Keep talking online or in real life (maybe after COVID-19).

Get language exchange tips and extra help

We've run hundreds of events for thousands of keen language learners. We know how difficult it can be. We'll give you tips and questions to help you improve. We also give you grammar tips and new articles. 



Get access to our events online and in real life

We hold regular events to help our community meet new people and pratice. Get access to our events when you join LingUpp.

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Really great community to be part of that has helped me to practice my English. 

Luz Myriam

I like the community that you have created. The people are nice, very open mind and interesting. Everyone is smiling and welcoming. It is easy and user-friendly to speak with others with this method. 


The atmosphere is friendly, understanding and supportive. Been a great place to practice my French.

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Keeping you connected and growing during COVID 19

During COVID-19 we've launched our online events which have been joined by great people from around the world. 

We have people from France, UK, USA, Greece and Spain so far. 

We've been practicing French and English, staying connected and smiling.

Will you come and join us?


Accelerate your language learning by practicing with native speakers and language partners.

Victoria started LingUpp because she believes that language learning is about connecting with real people. 

After working in international teams for almost a decade, she saw again and again people who were desperate to learn a language by talking to others, not in a classroom or app. Originally from the UK, she even learnt French herself through great conversations eventually working as a senior consultant in French and English.

"I remember feeling frustrated for so long, and then one day I found myself running business meetings in French and easily chatting to colleagues and friends. One conversation at a time I'd been improving"

I started building LingUpp to help many others learn a language and meet great people.